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Rhythm & Tumbling

Age 3 & 4

(Must be potty-trained.)

Rhythm and Tumbling is perfect to help little ones prepare for other dance classes like Ballet, Jazz, etc. then learn how to behave in dance class. Along with easier acro movements such as somersaults, bridges, kick-ups and more. They also learn basic dance steps that are used in most dance styles!

Class is Monday 5:30-6:30





Ages 4-18

As the basis for almost all other dance styles, Ballet offers the technique needed in styles such as Jazz & Lyrical/Contemporary. Having a good foundation in technique helps a dancer to perform movements in all styles properly. It also assists in flexibility, muscle strength/tone, and posture. We offer different levels of Ballet in a variety of ages. Private lessons are available upon request, for any age including adults.

Level 1 Classes:

Mini Tuesday 6:00-7:00

Junior and Teen Wednesday 7:00-8:00


Lyrical:Ages 9 and up

Contemporary: 9+

By merging Ballet and Jazz, you have a more fluid/quicker dance style. Though it's not as fast as Jazz, it is smoother and quicker than Ballet. Being more emotion oriented, the dancer focuses on expressing feelings through movement rather than performing structured choreography such as Ballet. Lyrical will follow a Ballet class, the technique taught  in Ballet will then be applied in Lyrical.

Open Contemporary class (all ages)

Monday 4:30-5:30

Lyrical-contact us for times


Ages 12 & up

(unless the student has been approved by a Doctor and teacher to start sooner.)

Once a dancer has strengthened their ankles and feet through the training of Ballet technique classes, and they are of proper ability as seen fit by the teacher, students are put en pointe. This advanced form of Ballet takes balance and proper technique to ensure all movements are performed properly while en pointe. We offer beginner and advanced classes. Pointe is usually following a Ballet/Lyrical class.

Contact Shirley's for available times



5 & up

Jazz is a faster pace style of dance that can be done to a variety of music genres from broadway style to a modern pop song. Your dancer will learn new kick, leaps, jumps and other ways to move while in Jazz class. This style stems from Ballet as many other dance styles do, though taking Ballet is not required to take a Jazz class.  We offer different levels of classes with a variety of age groups.

Level 1 classes:

Mini Wednesday 6:00-7:00

Junior/Teen Tuesday 7:00-8:00


Ages 5 & up

Tap is a form of dance that focuses on using your feet to create sounds that rhythmically match or compliment the music. Here they'll work on getting individual steps as well as combinations of steps. We recommend starting Tap no younger than 7 years of age, as this class requires more focus/listening skills than many other styles. This style also needs more skill in balance as many steps are performed on one foot. We offer different levels of classes for a variety of ages. This includes an adult Tap class!

Level 1 classes:

Mini Monday 4:30-5:30

Junior/Teen Monday 7:30-8:30

Adult tap is every Saturday 9:30-10:30


Ages 8 & up

This class is only offered at our Canton South location. Learn how to handle a baton like the majorettes, from simple twirls to advanced tosses, the student will learn the proper techniques in twirling and handling a baton. We offer a beginner and intermediate level baton class, for a variety of ages.

When are classes?


Acrobatic Arts

Ages 4 & up

If your dancer wants to learn ways to improve flexibility as well as learn cartwheels, front/back walkovers, handstands, and more this is the class for them! From flips and tricks, to improving leg and back flexibility your student will be spotted during any movements they are learning and ALL movements are performed on a large mat to ensure safety! We offer different levels of classes for a variety of ages.

Level 1 classes:

Mini Tuesday 5:00-6:00 and Monday 6:30-7:30

Mini/Junior Monday 5:30-6:30


Ages 6 & up

Hip hop is a dance style that incorporates street dance movements such as break dancing. It is usually done to hip hop style of music that is age appropriate for kids! This is a fast style of dance that doesn't require technique from other dance styles, making it a great option for a new dancer who doesn't want to take a traditional dance class! We offer a variety of levels for different ages.

 Hip Hop class 

Mini/Junior Wednesday 4:30-5:30

Junior/Teen Monday 6:30-7:30

Private Classes

All ages

We do recommend taking a technique class along with your private class. Privates are available upon request for most dance styles offered. Please contact us for more information on private lessons!

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